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Answer Frequently Asked

1. Is the security door installed complicated? How is it installed?

The installation is not complicated. Just four steps: connect the line well, connect power supply, fix the door, cover the lines with anti-tread groove. There are connect lines, screws, anti-tread groove, installation diagram with shipping, and the power supply with 220 V plug, screws used to fix the door(to drill with a drilling machine) or to fix it with glass glue.

Any problem in installation, please call 4008223556 turn 1 for technical assistance.


2. What’s the width can be installed? What’s type antenna will choose?

There are a lot of type of antennas. Different type antennas, the induction distance also different.

The induction distance main depend on: anti-theft antennas, anti-theft tags. Different tags with different antennas, the induction distance is different each other.


3. Why the induction distance of yous is more limited than others?

The induction distance of our company antenna have been concluded with years of experience. The effect is good in the short term when the installation width was added about 30 cm on the base of standard. But in the long term, there are many problems will occur, causing many unnecessary trouble and also add the time of repair. So in order to avoid the unnecessary trouble and long term using consideration, the installation more narrow, the effect more better.


4. Which items will be used for anti theft in my shops?

Different shop type with different combination. For example, the clothing store combination: anti-theft antennas, anti-theft hard tags and detacher these three items; the supermarket combination: anti-theft antennas, soft labels, decoder, meanwhile, may need wine bottle hard tags, milk power hard tags, detacher if there are wine, milk power, clothing in supermarket.

In fact, the tags choice depend on the main items sold in shops.


5. How to delivery the goods? Safe?

Our company package all packed by professional staff with qualified carton and box, which can well control the damage on the delivery way. Can be express or logistics on the base of seller's demand. Finally, we will suggest a more better and suitable delivery case , taking into account all aspects of the factors.


6. How to do when the antenna installation filed? If installation failed, can return?

You don’t worry about this question with the developed internet. There are a lot of high-technical products should be installed by hand come on the door, but now also sold by internet. People also know the truth by their own hand. We all still believe one saying: where is the will, where is the way. Anyway, please call 4008223556 turn 1. Your all problems will been solved with our completed after-sale service. 7 days return with no any reason, 15 days exchange. So please set your mind at rest.


7. How to do with problems? How about the warranty? How about the repair fee?

If there are problem of the system, then the main problem almost the main board problem.

The small problem can deal with by telephone. If really cannot, then can take the main board down and then return to our factory. Two pieces main board is less than 1 kg. And just need to remove the connector and four small screws. The warranty is 3 years, no any repair charge, just the freight you need to pay.


8. Whether the system need to connect with the POS system or not? Is it need to connect with any other software outside?

The system needn’t to connect with any other system, like POS system. Our sales will suggest related products combination according to the customer’s shop type. Once bought then can work normal.


9. Does the soft label do the scan price?

Many people will consider our soft label bar code as a commodity bar code. But the truth is that We put the bar code and commodity bar code with same design. Otherwise, the bar code is just decoration for preventing thieves from recognizing. Beside, we also have blank soft labels, which can be printed with goods price by ribbon bar code printer.


10. The antenna price is one piece price or one pair price?

The antenna price all is 1 piece price, not 1 pair price. There are transmitter and receiver, at least 2 pieces can work normal with each other. Because there are so many different shop type, and also the installation distance, the anti-theft antenna quantity is also different. If no less than 2 pieces, 3 pieces, 5 pieces also okay. The price all take standard of one piece price.