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Commodity electronic anti - theft system commentaryViews:1468次 Release Date:2017-5-17

Electronic anti-theft system, English translation: ElectronicArticleSurveillance, referred to as EAS. It originated in the United States in the 1960s, because the United States at the time of the retail industry, a serious theft, it was born. It is a high-tech electronic anti-theft device. It is a high-tech means to give goods a self-defense ability, can effectively protect the goods, to prevent theft of goods. In foreign countries, 90% of the retail industry using EAS system to reduce the theft rate. In the country, EAS system has gradually been accepted by the majority of business and use. So far, the majority of businesses that the general use of EAS system is to reduce theft, reduce losses, the most reliable and most economical high-tech management tools. EAS has the following uses:
        1, to prevent theft. EAS system to change the past "man-to-man" "people look at goods" approach, it is a high-tech means to give goods a self-defense ability, so that security measures to implement every commodity, completely and effectively solve the problem of commodity theft, Recover damages. The survey shows that business failures with EAS systems are 60% -70% less than those who do not have an EAS system installed.

        2, simplified management. EAS system can effectively curb the "stealing" phenomenon, ease the contradictions between employees and managers to exclude staff psychological barriers, so that employees wholeheartedly into the work, so as to improve work efficiency. EAS system can also be selected from the original basis of the staff, optimize the staff, thereby enhancing the grade of shopping malls.

        3, to improve the shopping atmosphere. In the past, "man-to-man" approach, so that many consumers disgusted, businesses may also be so cold. EAS system to consumers to create a good and easy shopping environment, let it freely, unrestrained to buy goods, greatly improve the relationship between business and consumers, for businesses to win more customers. Eventually increase sales, increase profits.

        4, deterrent effect. EAS system to tough and polite way to prevent customers "pilfering" behavior, to avoid human factors caused by disputes, while respect for human rights while maintaining the interests of businesses. For the stolen, EAS system in the psychological to it caused a huge deterrent, so that "a difference of thinking" who fight against the idea of theft.

        5, beautify the environment. EAS system itself is a high-tech products, its beautiful appearance, sophisticated production technology and modern magnificent decoration into one, to "icing on the cake" effect, while protecting the goods also beautify the shopping environment, Is a high-grade shopping malls, large and medium-sized supermarkets show the economic strength and technological content of the iconic equipment, is the inevitable trend of the development of modern shopping malls.