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"US celebrate" is located in Chinese manufacturing city, "Dongguan", with strong technical force and high-quality engineering talent over the years committed to the development EAS EAS security equipment industry, production, sales, maintenance train services, professional clothing , supermarkets, cosmetics, libraries, pharmacies, shopping malls, and other open spaces provide a full range of EAS solutions, the current "Risheng" products have covered the whole country, it has been a number of brand clothing stores, shopping malls and other places to install and use by the majority of users. "US brand celebrate the" integrity, service, quality, innovation as a business philosophy, to provide users with the most cost-effective products.
Integrity: Honesty, customer first;! Sincere and pragmatic attitude to solve problems for customers, quality and efficient technologies allow customers to benefit from the Service: Our pursuit of profit, but we are not simply the pursuit of profit maximization, but never sell out for the immediate future! The user is always right! Customer satisfaction is the source of our profits. We are willing to lend expertise, group strength, to serve the community! Your satisfaction is our standard of work! quality: Quality is the lifeline of products, quality is the most outstanding salesman! Membership by the continuous improvement documented quality management system, through scheduled and unscheduled internal audits and management review system to detect the operation of the problems, analyze the causes and resolved to ensure the effectiveness and appropriateness of the performance and management system, manufacturing quality products, not intermittently enhance the quality, so there is no best, only better! Today's quality is tomorrow's brand! Innovation: to EAS anti-theft antenna as the center and with anti-theft hard tags, milk tags, bottle tag, soft label, Detacher, EAS products and other degausser promote technological innovation to create a wealth of value creation new markets. Market problem is the subject of our innovative, technology-oriented, eclectic, absorbing, trying to reform and encourage innovation, with the world!